Diamond Water Filter Geneva International Inventions

Geneva International Invention 2001

Geneva International Inventions
In 2001, Diamond Water won health food and drinks gold, all special award in Geneva, Switzerland International inventions, new technology and products exhibition won.

Entitled “Geneva, Switzerland, the international inventions, new technology and products exhibition” international event, the annual grand will be held in Geneva, Switzerland, it is by the Swiss Federal Government in conjunction with the Geneva state government and council jointly organised together, participating Switzerland products must first obtain the recommendation before it can take part in, and every time a product can only exhibitors. mainly because of this event is to encourage the international recognition of the invention and the upgrading of standards each year will attract more than 40 exhibitors countries Therefore, it is also known as the inventor of the most important gatherings.

In April 2001 by the “Geneva, Switzerland, the 29th International Invention, new technology and products exhibition,” the Diamond ™ diamonds health of the water system to become focal points of attention from the international professional jury unanimously affirmed Diamond ™ diamonds healthy water System effectiveness, making it at one stroke won Gold Medal and health products invented Special Awards Awards!

The session, a total of more than 700 from 44 countries participating inventors, and 68 professionals from all over the world with full accreditation eyesight to see a product that can come to the fore.

Whole tournament is divided into a total of 22 categories, Diamond ™ diamonds health of the water system in the CLASS Q, it is a kind of health food products part, a total of 39 products selected.

After an evaluation, the final Diamond ™ diamonds health of the water system has won two honorary ─ ─ is a healthy food and beverages invention gold, and the other is全场special award which is also the history of the international event, won the award the first time the health of the two water brands from all over the world media, such as the United States CNN, Taiwan, the Soviet Union, Mexico, and other countries are competing media reported healthy water Diamond Diamond ™ System award-winning news!

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